Esalen CTR: Beyond the Attention Economy

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Esalen CTR: Beyond the Attention Economy

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Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2016 Esalen Institue, Big Sur

Co-Hosted by the Esalen Center for Theory & Research (CTR) Ben Tauber, Tristan Harris & RETURN

We live in an attention economy where products and websites succeed by getting as much of user's time as possible.  The incentives of this economy reward companies for compromising the ability of an entire generation to be focused and aware.

A small group of technology leaders and thought leaders will set out for the weekend to begin a conversation on new kind of technology design. A design that puts awareness and maximizing each user's human potential at the forefront.


Two aspects distinguish this event:

This is not a traditional conference where business leaders serve as magnets to draw other attendees. This time is designed for you. It will be an intimate small-group setting (less than 20 people) amidst the magic that is Esalen and Big Sur.

You have been hand selected for both your interest in the topic and your unique ability to influence entire markets. We will enrich our personal perspectives and expand our awareness of how to bring the human potential forward from our users.

Your presence is all that is requested as this unique gathering paid for by the Esalen CTR Initiative to advance the human potential. 

A $250 RSVP commitment is asked to secure your accommodations. 

This invitation is for you only. Please contact us if you cannot attend and feel that someone should attend in your place. 

More information about the host and weekend:

Esalen's Center for Theory & Research's 50 years of initiatives

Weekend activities include:

  • Salon-based conversations
  • Cliff side hot springs
  • Massages 
  • Farm to table meals
  • Roaring fires 
  • Big Sur Magic