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A deep dive past the buzzword

June 21-24, 2018

Île des Rimains | Cancale, France

You are invited to a modern salon. A collection of incredible people set within a historic fortress/island in Western France. 



What makes a community today? What made one in the past? From Religious Communities to Nationalism - from Tribalism to Facebook groups and membership clubs. These are structures that have given us human beings meaning, security and identity for as long as anyone can remember.  The word 'community' is a now an official buzzword - but what does it actually mean? What are people truly yearning for? How can we create something authentic, global and deeply satisfying?

We gather at the home of our host within a newly renovated 18th century fortress island in Bretagne near the small fishing village of Cancale, France. The fortress was constructed by the French to defend against the British at the dawning of the nationalist movement - which birthed what we know today as Nation-States.


This is a gathering of those on the organizing or meaning creation side of these topics. We'll look at tools, archetypes, communities, platforms, history and our experience to set a course of inquiry that stands to leave us all a tad smarter and more well equipped to steward this change.

Participation is hand selected and invitation only. The group is comprised of those creating within this unique space. There will be no audiences, no guests and no recordings. This is a chance to gather with peers, dive deep and potentially discover a new understanding. Everything is taken care of for us; from food to experience design. The flow of our time together is designed to facilitate the highest level and deepest conversations and connections with self, environment, topic and others.

    What to expect


    • Salon-based conversations
    • Fresh harvested meals from the sea and local farms
    • Oceanside pools and hot tubs. 
    • Free diving, boating and swimming
    • Bretagne Sunsets
    • Music
    • Roaring stone fireplaces
    • Unique settings and experiences...
    • Special tour of Mont Saint Michel
    •  20-25+ C, Mostly sunny & water 17-18 C
    • A fort ;)

    Two aspects distinguish this event


    This is not a conference where business leaders serve as magnets to draw other attendees. This time is for us. It will be an intimate group setting (between 15-30 participants) amidst the magic that is Northern France in the Summertime. 

    You have been hand selected for both your interest in the topic and your unique ability to influence culture. We will enrich our personal perspectives and expand our awareness of the implications of our work on a global scale and our role in such a shift.

    Travel Planning

    • Arrival - Please be in Paris the morning of June 21
    • Departures - Plan flights from CDG after 8pm on Sunday evening.
    • Heli transport is available for last minute arrivals or departures
    • More details and specifics upon RSVP
    • 20-25+ C, Mostly sunny, water 17-18 C

    This gathering is an initiative to advance the almost untenable, yet barley tangible movement; latent within our culture.