Not an American...

I am not an American. Nor am I a Christian, Jew, Muslim, European, New Yorker or Democrat. I am not a transient, a nomad or a millennial. I am part of a global community where there is no defined border. A place where I am free to celebrate and experience the cultures of the world and view them as unique expressions of the human experience. I see each culture with curiosity and empathy. 

I am certainly not an expat. Rather, I feel at home in the world. I move, research and learn to seek experience, knowledge and connection. I am part of a community that holds our dogmas lightly. We learn, change, adapt and share our experience so that others might learn with us. We are the platform creators, the content creators and the active consumers of information. We have already defined a new story and you are part of it. 

I am defined by the search, the seeking and the settling of my home as the whole planet. I go deep into experience and I make the world I live in. I care about where my table comes from because my community makes tables. I care about the trees that were cut for the table because wherever they came from, they are from my home. I care about the people who made it because those people are part of my tribe.

I am part of a disaffected community. My political system left me, so I left it to seek alternate expressions of my political views. I stopped paying attention to the media because the media stopped paying attention to me. I turned my attention away from the city, the state, the nation and the religions and turned it on the world. I now focus more on learning about people and experiencing their cultures through our own lens.  I try their food, I attempt to understand their ways and incorporate them into my own. For years this is how global culture is born. We continue this long and complex process. 

We are not nomads. We are a global community defined by the experiences we seek and the values we share. 

I know these things because they are me. I'm part of a fast growing global village. I feel at home in every state, nation and tribe. I'm part of a crew that doesn't understand passports, work visas or trade prohibitions.  

Our world isn’t one of borders or things that can be marked and sold in boxes. It is one that you have to go experience. For us the being, doing, and sharing is everything. 

This is the beginning of an era of global citizenry. This has been a thought, desire and a concept for many years now, but the tools are finally ready. The internet opened up a portal into the cultures, viewpoints and cities of the world. You no longer need much money or education to learn, experience and communicate with your peers across the globe. This used to be a viewpoint only open to those with great privilege, but with today’s access it is open to billions. 

This is the exact moment when a global community starts. This is the exact moment when we realize that we are all in this together. This is when we realize that we already have the power, the tools and all the elements necessary to start something new. This is the moment when we realize it has already begun. We made the internet, social media, WhatsApp and Google search. We know how to travel, learn, communicate and organize. We have formed groups, apps, chats, communities and events all based around our shared, yet unspoken ethos. This is the moment when we realize that the old ways of organizing don’t work for us. We are not alone, we are actually the only defined majority across nations, states and cultures. This is right now and you are already part of it. 

This isn’t geographic or demographic; it's about global responsibility and civic duty. It’s about recognizing that it is time to define a new story; your story. One that protects the rights of all people, places and things to express their basic human liberties. This isn’t about love or hate; it’s about empathy and it’s up to you. Right now. 

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It has nothing to do with Burning Man

In the Burning Man community, now is the time of year when all the self righteous people who want to ruin everyone’s fun but show you how much cooler than you they are, start to write their, “Why I am not going to Burning Man this year” manifestos. “Well, I’ve been ever year for the past 15 years aaaaaand this year blah, blah, blah.” they all say. Wait a second... Is Burning Man over or are you? Did you just write this article to show me how much of and original burner your are? Is this Playa materialism? Is this commodification of your experience? I’m sorry if your unrealized expectations of what could have been are crushing the reality of your present moment. But it’s time to get over that now, time to let go of some ego. 

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