The Human Potential Series

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The first gathering of a collaboration with the Esalen Insitute Leadership to gather the current leadership and instigators of the next 50 years of Human Potential

New tools and techniques that increase, shift and expand human potentiality -- generally misunderstood by the public and much of the intellectual community -- are already at hand; many more are presently under development. We stand on an exhilarating and dangerous frontier; and must answer anew the old questions: ‘What are the limits of human ability, the boundaries of the human experience? What does it mean to be a human being today?'

Starting in May 2018, Esalen presents a series of curated gatherings, convening some of the pioneers along the frontiers of what many are beginning to call the Collective Potential Movement. These gatherings seek to explore and define diverse topics which together make up the collective human experience -- from the scientific shaping of human behavior to the new uses of religion and mysticism, from innovation in education to the exploration of perception. All of them share a common concern with human change and mankind’s ultimate destination.

To Gather

Community in the 21st Century

May 18-20, 2018

Esalen Institute, Big Sur

Hosted by Esalen & RETURN


You are invited to step into a community whose inner circle have shaped and birthed movements, philosophies and culture for the last 55+ years. We'll share intimate fireside conversations on Big Sur cliffs, hot springs, long walks, farm cooked meals and music. A chance to dive deep with the current and past leadership of Esalen while fully integrating into this rich community.

This is not a normal Esalen workshop. Much of the global impact of Esalen has happened behind closed doors over the last 60+ years.

Learn more about Esalen's Private Global initiatives and Impact since its' inception.

This unique gathering is an initiative to advance this movement and impact the greater human potential.




What makes a community today? Meaning making stories such as patriotism and self-identification based on geography, political or religious views are receding in their ability to create the definitions of community that people have relied on for 1000’s of years. Smaller interest groups, self organized digital communities, trade organizations and even musical taste are beginning to help us see, connect, and define our communities. What does community mean and how can we help those who feel lost and alone is a rapidly globalizing world?

This weekend is a gathering of those on the organizing or meaning creating side of this new shift. Well look at tools, archetypes, communities, platforms and our experience to set a course of inquiry that stands to leave us all a tad smarter and more well equipped to steward this change.



This weekend is a highly selected - invitation only gathering of diverse leaders within this uncharted space. There will be no audiences, no guests and no recordings. This is a chance to gather with peers, dive deep and potentially discover a new understanding. Everything is taken care of for us; from food to experience design. The flow of the weekend will ensure the highest level and deepest conversations take place and the that the outcomes and course of inquiry is met for each guest.


  • Arrival - Friday May 18th before 2pm
  • Departure - Sunday May 20th Afternoon/Evening




    Two aspects distinguish this event


    This is not a conference where business leaders serve as magnets to draw other attendees. This time is for us. It will be an intimate group setting (between 15-30 participants) amidst the magic that is Esalen and Big Sur.

    You have been hand selected for both your interest in the topic and your unique ability to influence culture. We will enrich our personal perspectives and expand our awareness of the implications of our work on a global scale and our role in such a shift.

    What to expect


    • Salon-based conversations
    • Fresh harvested Esalen farm meals
    • Incredible music
    • Cliff side hot springs
    • Massages
    • Roaring fires
    • Big Sur Sunsets
    • Unique settings and experiences...

    This invitation is for you only. Please contact us if you cannot attend and feel that someone should attend in your place.