What are RETURN events?


Events: Intimate and curated gatherings convene conversations that can only take place in an environment where titles and normal conventions don’t take precedent. At each gathering we'll go deep on the topic, eat well, have a real good time, rest well and leave with a fresh perspective on our topic.

Participants: There are no speakers or content, this is NOT a conference or networking thingy. Every participant is usually a speaker or influencer in their respective worlds. As such there is no audience. Everyone is engaged and involved in every aspect of the experience and conversation. Since everyone is an expert in their own right, there are no masters or leaders who teach the topics we explore. If there were experts on the topic, we wouldn't have a RETURN.

Topics: Each convening topic sets a course for deep inquiry upon a question that has yet to be answered. Our goal is to collectively deepen the understanding and uncover insights for those who influence many in a specific area. We call it social acupuncture. The old stories and institutions that were once the glue of culture have begun to fade away. Reliable social constructs have been unable to adapt to the rapid influence of things like the internet, communication, increased travel, global business and the rapid reorganization of our communities. RETURN explores at the intersection of these forces with those who work within them from an extremely interdisciplinary and unique approach.